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Best Anti Theft Alarm App For Android

Hello all friends. The record we are going to see today is that whether we are staying in a hotel or working in an office or leaving our mobile phone somewhere when we go somewhere if we think that someone will pick up that mobile and look at something before we go to that place and betray them as a thief? (Theft Alarm) Today we are going to look at just about one superb application. I have given the required applications under this post. Click on that link and download the application.

Please download and install the application on your mobile. If you install and open the application, it will have an icon. Click on the Settings icon. Next, there is an option called PIN, click on that button. Next you will need to enter a password in it. You can do this with any password you like. (Theft Alarm) Once set you can set any ringtone you want in it. You can change it too if needed. Then it will have a button called Activate. You can leave your mobile phone anywhere by clicking on the Activate button. If someone tries to pick up the phone after you leave it, they will make a noise as soon as they pick it up and betray them. This is such a great application.

Try this application for yourself. If you have any comments about this application please post below this post. (Theft Alarm) If you liked this post please share this post with other friends. Also meet with a good post.


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