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Image Compressor Without Losing The Image Quality | Mb to Kb

Hello to all friends. The post we are going to see today is that we have a lot of photos in our phones. All those photos may have more MB. When it is like that, our mobile will run out of storage very quickly. There is a great app to avoid this. It’s an app that can convert all the high MB photos you have on your phone to low MB. That too can be changed without reducing the quality of the photo. There is an application for this.

Today we are going to see about that application. I have given the download link of the required application under this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading and opening the application, it will ask for some permissions. Give those Parmishams. After giving it first select the photo which you want to reduce the size of the photo. After selecting it will show the size of the photo above. Below that will be a box. Enter the amount you want to convert in that box. After specifying this, your photos will change to the size you specified. Now you can keep this photo and delete the oversize photo. Thus reducing the size of all the photos you have will take up much less of your mobile storage.

This application is very useful for this. Try this application. I hope this application will be your favorite. If you like this application share it with your friends. Also post your comments about this application under this post. And meet with a good post.


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