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Whatsapp Set Time To Send Message | Whatsapp Scheduler

Hello friends all, what we are seeing in this post today is that we are all using WhatsApp. I just want to say that now there will be no friends who do not use WhatsApp. Thus we are mainly using WhatsApp whether we want to wish someone a happy birthday or something else while we are using it. And that’s exactly what some people think (Set Time) should say congratulations at 12pm. But they fall asleep without being able to control their sleep. Thus this application is best for those who sleep.

Not only that but this application will be very useful for those who do business on WhatsApp. The main advantage of this application is that we can set and send messages to anyone exactly whenever we want to send messages through WhatsApp at any time. This application will be very useful for that. This application is available in the Play Store. I have given the link to download this application under this post. You can download it by clicking on that link.

After downloading, install it on your mobile phone and give it only a few permissions. Then with this application you can set time on WhatsApp and send SMS. I hope this application will be very useful for you. If you found this application useful please share this post with other friends. May this post be useful for them too. Also meet with a good post. Thanks!

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