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Best App Lock For Android – Error Lock

Hello to all friends. Today’s post is about a super App Lock. You have seen so many app lock but never seen an app lock like this, such a super app lock. What’s special about this applock is that if you open any app that you have locked, it won’t open. Normally applock will ask you for password when you click on any app you have locked. Enter the password and enter. But what this app lock does is that if you open the app which you have locked, it won’t open. Such a great app lock.

App Lock

I have given the link to download this App Lock below in this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading open the app. Open it and give some of the Parmishams it asks for. After giving permissions, the App Lock will ask you to set a password, set any four digit password. After setting the password, a prompt will appear. Answer that costin. Then go inside. In that you have to go to the Error Message option and turn it on. After turning it on you just need to lock the app which you want to lock.

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No one can open any app you have locked anymore. Only you can open. It is a super application. I hope this App Lock application will be very useful for you. Also share this post with other friends if you find this application useful. And meet with a good post.


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