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Hello to all friends. Today we will see. The record is that in this record we are going to see about two small applications. These two small application will be very useful for you. I have given the link to download these two small applications below this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading install it on your mobile. First let’s see what these two small applications are.

The first application is to view the calendar in the notification bar on your phone. This application is useful for this. Only the date will show in the notification bar on your phone. But you can also manage your notification reply calendar using this application. This application is used for this.

App 1

Let’s see what the next application is. This application is a short cut application in this short cut application you can take the application that is most useful to you in your mobile in this short cut application. By keeping it like this, you can easily open and quickly take care of the application that you use the most. This application is used for this. The download link of this application is also under this post. Click it and download it.

Well friends I hope these two applications are useful for you. If you find these two applications useful, please share them with your friends. And meet with a good post.


App 2

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