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Screenshot Editor App For Android

Hello to all friends. Today we will see the record that we will take a screenshot on our phone and send it to our friends or to our place of work as a task. If we need to explain the screenshot while sending it, we will call them and explain. But without that you can point and say whatever you want to say in that screenshot. For that you need to edit the screenshot and send it. An app is a great tool for editing like this. Today we are going to see about that app.

I have given the link to download this app below this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading, install the application on your phone. After installing it ask for some permissions and give it. After giving this application will start working. Now you take a screenshot on your mobile. Open any application after downloading and it will display the screenshot you took inside. Next to that screenshot is a pencil icon at the bottom. Clicking on that icon will bring up lots of editing options. Using it you can edit and send that screenshot to your friends or your work place anywhere via whatsapp.

This application is very useful for this. If you like this application please share this post with other friends. And meet with a good post.


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