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How To Easy To Set Long Status Video In Whatsapp

Hello all friends. The record we are about to see today is that we have become accustomed to putting WhatsApp status on our mobile. We are all using WhatsApp statuses. But the small flaw in it is that you can not keep WhatsApp status for more than thirty seconds (Long Status Video). This is the biggest drawback. But to keep the status above 30 seconds we have to cut it to 30 30 seconds and keep the status. But with this application you do not have to cut an entire video to 30 seconds. That is what the cut and set will do. We look forward to seeing such a superb application. I have given the download link of this application under this post.

Long Status Video
Long Status Video

Click on that link and download. If you open the application after downloading it will have an option called Status. Select the Status option and select the video you want in it. After selecting it, no matter how big the video you select it (Long Status Video) will cut it to 30 seconds to 30 seconds and set the status.

You can easily keep Long Status Video WhatsApp status with this app. This application is very useful for this. If you like this application please share this post with other friends. Also meet with a good post.


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