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Screen Translator App For Android

Hello all friends. The record we are going to see today is the one we use everyday on our mobile and if we do not know English in it we will leave it unseen if anything comes in English. But if this application comes in English or any other language, you can (Screen Translator) change it to Tamil and take care of it. You can read what they put on it. It has a superb application. This is what we are going to see today about this application. I have given below the link of the application as required for this post.

Click on that link and download. If you open the application after downloading it will ask for some permission. Pay that permission price. A Popup Button will appear on your mobile screen after giving. If you see any characters in English that the Popup Button is used for, just click on that button. (Screen Translator) Clicking on it will change the language in which you have selected it.

Now you can read it easily. (Screen Translator) You can use this application as follows. I hope this application will be very useful for you. If you find this application useful please share it with other friends. Also meet with a good post.


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