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How To Hide Your Secret App – Hide App

Hello all friends. The record we are going to see today is that we are usually using a lot of applications on our mobile. There will be some important application in that application. There is no Hide option to hide that application on your mobile without anyone knowing. In this post we are going to look at how to bring such a Hide option. There is a superb application for this. Please install the application on your mobile first.

I have given the link to download this application under this post. Click on that link and download. Open it after downloading and installing. If you open it, it will ask for some permission. Take that permission. Once you install and open this application on your mobile, the design on your mobile will change. Then you need to click and hold the application that you want to hide to hide the application on your mobile. If so, an option called Hide will appear. If you select that option, the application you selected will be hidden. This way you can hide any application on your mobile. Just type Hidden to retrieve the application and the application will come back. Click on it and select the Show option. Now that application will come in the same place as the old model on your mobile.

Thus using this application you can hide any application you need. Keep visiting our page for more information like this. Also meet with a good post.


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