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Set Your Current Time On Your Phone Lock -Time Lock

Hello all friends. The record we are about to see today is how many ways to keep our mobile locked. But this type of lock you have never seen before. We are going to see such a superb screen lock (Time Lock) application. If you have this screen lock application installed on your mobile, its password will change from minute to minute. No one knows what password it is and only you know. Today we are going to see such a superb application.

I have given under this post to download this application. Click on that link and download. Please download and install it on your mobile. It will ask for storage access permission after installation. Don’t give it to you. Go inside and activate this application without paying. This application will start working after activating. This (Time Lock) will be the lock set on your mobile now. After that, when you lock your screen, the screen will be open only if you enter the time number of what time it is.

This is a neat application. Try this (Time Lock) application. If you like this application please share it with your friends. Also meet with a good post.


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