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How To Track Whatsapp Online Status

Hello all friends. What we are going to see in this post today is that we can bring from our mobile and know the full information (Whatsapp Online Status) of when our friends come online on WhatsApp, when they go offline and how long they have been online. There is a superb application for this. That’s what we’re going to look at in this post about that application.

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How To Track Whatsapp Online Status

How To Track Whatsapp Online Status
How To Track Whatsapp Online Status

I have given the download link under this post with the required application.

Click on that link and download.

Install this application on your mobile.

If you open this application after installing, give all those tests that ask for some permission.

After giving this number you will have to give the mobile number of the friend you want to track any number of online and offline time of that friend in this application.

So give that friend’s mobile number in this application.

This application will not show you immediately after giving. It will take some time. So give the number and wait for a while.

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If you look after a while that friend has always been online. Has always gone offline. How long has he been online. You can see the complete information (Whatsapp Online Status).

You can also set the password for this application and keep it secure.

Plus, you’ll be getting a notification alert whenever your friends are online. Some facilities are given for that too.

You can also find out the features that are a part of this handset if you install and use it.

So download, install and use this application.

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Well guys in this post we looked at how to put someone’s WhatsApp number and how to view Whatsapp Online Status whenever he comes online and when he goes offline. I was told that there is an application for that. We saw what that application was as well. I hope you like this post. Also share this post with other friends to know more information like this. Follow our website. Also meet with a good post.


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