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Translate Any Language To Your Language

Hello to all friends. The record we are going to see today is that we are using whatsapp on our mobile. And we are using many browser applications. A lot of it comes in English. But many of us do not know English well. Let’s see how we can fix this. There is an application for that. If you use this application, you can change all the letters Translate in English to Tamil. You can watch and read. This application is used for this.

You can not only read this but also copy and paste the text to another location. Application is also used for this. You can convert from any language to any language using this application. This application is used for this. I have given the link to download this application below in this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading install this application. After installation it will ask for some permissions. Give those Parmishams. After giving Parmishams this application will start working. You will now see an icon on the side of your screen. By using that icon, you can easily change the characters Translate from any language to any other language.

This application is used for this. This application is a great Translate application. Make use of this application. Try this application and post your comments. If you like this application share it with other friends. If you have any other comments about this application, please share them under this post.


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