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Hello all friends. What we are going to see in this post today is how to make a voice call (Magic Call) to change our voice from our mobile to our friends and our relatives. Only use this post to Prank your friends and relatives. Do not abuse anything else. It is posted on this site only for the purpose of making a full-fledged prank. So do not misuse this app for anything else. Well guys come now let’s see how to use this app (Voice Changer App) and how to download this app.

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How To Use Magic Call Voice Changer App

Voice Changer App
Voice Changer App

If you want this application first I have given the link to download that application under this post. Click on that link and download.

Please download and install it on your mobile. After installing it on your mobile, open this application.

It has many facilities for changing the voice.

Before that it will ask for some permission if you want to use this application. Allow for all those permissions.

After giving you can start using this application. When you use this application your voice will change to a different voice.

With this you can easily Prank your friends and relatives. They can never figure out who made the call.

To that extent it is a superb application. Do not misuse this application (Voice Changer App) for anything else.

Also, your mobile number will not be shown to your friends when you make a Magic Call. They will get a call from another mobile number.

So they can never figure out who it is. Prank your friends and relatives using this application and have fun. Do not abuse anything else.

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Well guys in this post we saw how you can change your voice and mobile number and make a voice call (Magic Call) and Prank to your friends and relatives for fun. We also saw what is the application (Voice Changer App). I hope you like this post. If so, please share this post with your friends. Also meet with a good post.


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