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Whatsapp Chat Lock App

Hello to all friends. The record we are going to see today is that we are all using whatsapp on our mobiles. It can be said that there cannot be people who do not use WhatsApp. WhatsApp has now grown to such an extent. We all are using WhatsApp. We are chatting with many people on that WhatsApp. We can secretly chat with some of them. If you chat like that, you can lock him only.

This application is used for that. I have given the link to download the required application under this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading, open the application and give the permission it asks for. After giving the permission this application will start working. Now you can select the chat whose chat you want to lock and lock it.

In this application you need to keep a passport set. That chat can be viewed only using that passport. If not, you can check with your pinker print. This application is very useful for this. If you like this application please share this post with other friends. And meet with a good post.


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