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Check How Many SIM CARD On My Aadhar Card

Check how many SIM CARD on your aadhar card

Hello all friends. The record we are going to see today is that we are all using SIM card in our mobile. We will buy the SIM card (SIM CARD) in our name while using it. Has anyone else bought a SIM card in our name without our knowledge? In this post we are going to look at how to know that. There are some ways to do that. We can know that by following those steps. Okay let’s see how to find it.

Sim Card
உங்கள் பெயரில் எத்தனை SIM CARD உள்ளது

How Many SIM CARD Do You Have In Your Name?

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First go to TAFCOP this website.

Then that website will ask for your mobile number.

Enter your mobile number i.e. the mobile number you are currently holding.

An OTP will go to the mobile number you provided.

You have to enter that OTP number.

Now if you click on the button below it will show you how many mobile numbers there are in your name.

If you use all those numbers do nothing.

If a certain number is not used then mark the number you did not use and select the not required one option and report. After doing so you will be given a tracking number. You can keep track of that tracking number and find out the status of the report you have given.

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It also has the facility to delete a mobile number that you have not yet purchased. For that, tick the number you did not buy. After ticking, select the This is not my Number option and leave the report. You will also get a tracking number. With that number you can track what situation you are in. This way you can find out how many SIM cards you have in your name through this website. And if you do not understand this I have given you a video below to explain. Watch that video and find out with full explanation. If you found this post useful please share it with your friends. Also join our Telegram Channel. Thanks.

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