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Vaccinated Certificate Download In Mobile

Hello all friends. What we see today is that the corona is currently spreading around the world. As such, the only weapon we have now to prevent corona is the corona vaccine. So now the Tamil Nadu government is urging everyone to get the corona vaccine. As such, many people are being vaccinated against corona. The corona vaccine should be given twice. That is, the first dose is divided into two doses as the second dose. For this we are given a Vaccinated Certificate after vaccination with corona. In this post we are going to look at how to download that Vaccinated Certificate online and also on our mobile. OK let’s see.

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vaccination certificate
vaccination certificate

How To Download Vaccinated Certificate In Mobile


First open a browser on your mobile.

Go to this website in that browser.

After that you will be asked for your mobile number on this website in which you have to give the same mobile number which you gave when you went for vaccination.

After giving a drive will be sent to that mobile number.

You must enter that drive as well.

It will then show you the details of the vaccine you have been given.

There is a link in it called Certificate which is a PDF file download after clicking on that link.

That PDF file is your Vaccinated Certificate.

You can print this out and keep it though.

Or you can send it from your mobile to someone else’s mobile via WhatsApp though.


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I have recorded the full details on how to download this (Vaccinated Certificate) as a video and given it under this post. Watch the video and resolve any doubts you may have. Thank you and good bye.


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