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Hide Your Secret Msg Typing In Android

Hello to all friends. The post we are going to see today is that on our mobile we can chat with any of our friends secretly on WhatsApp. Sometimes we are in public places while chatting like that. That means we will be traveling by train and not by bus. Then the person next to us has a chance to see what we are typing. So there is a great application that we can type and send without them knowing. That application is what we are going to look at today.

With this application you can make it so that they can’t see what you are typing. This application is used for that. I have given the link to download this application below in this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading, give permission where asked. After giving Parmishams this application will start working. If you are not on WhatsApp or any other application on your phone but want to hide the screen when you are typing a message, a popup will appear on your screen. Just click on that popup and your screen will disappear. Now you can freely type secretly without anyone knowing. Even if the people around you see it, they won’t know.

This is a great application. I think this application will be useful for you. If you like this application share it with other friends. And meet with a good post.


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